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SAP Ariba provider & creator of the Ariba Network, a cloud-based B2B marketplace where suppliers & buyers do business within a single platform and can find each other networked platform. The platform contributes a user-friendly interface that will seem intuitive for anyone who shop online. Like Amazon, flipkart or eBay, Ariba supports both buyers and sellers. The platform contributes sellers with the capacity to manage purchases & invoice, catalogs. It also contributes buyers with the capability to inquiry for negotiate savings, suppliers, goods and services & track spend. Dissimilar consumer marketplaces, despite, Ariba has supplementary applications to help with RFPs, RFQs, compliance, RFOs, and other business interest. (Reference – TechTarget).

Ariba SN is a hosted service that enables your organization to form relationships with buying organizations & conduct transactions over the Internet. Buying organizations (companies that own Ariba Buyer) use Ariba SN to find suppliers from which they want to purchase products or services & invite those suppliers to form buyer-seller relationships. After you accept an invitation, the buying organization can see your catalogs and place orders. You then receive the orders and return invoices. As the supplier, you will find all of the tools you need on Ariba SN to configure your account to attract buying organizations to your products or services and to transact with them in the way that best suits your organization. When you set up your Ariba SN account, you specify extensive information about your company—from your address to your business policies. You can set also options that determine how Ariba SN routes transaction documents (such as purchase orders and invoices) to and from your customers. You can route documents by fax machine, electronic mail, your Ariba SN Inbox/Outbox, or using more sophisticated document routing formats, such as EDI or cXML.

Course Deliverables:

During the Ariba online training sessions, the trainer will provide you the Ariba Training Material for topics that are covered during the training classes.

The Training in SAP Ariba Certification Course is every thing we explained based on real time scenarios, it works which we do in companies.

Experts Training sessions will absolutely help you to get in-depth knowledge on the subject.A.

  • Ariba supplier performance Management:-
    • Introduction
    • About Ariba & the Ariba Network.
    • Handling Purchase Orders.
    • Invoicing Customer.
    • Account Management.
    • Application Orientation.
    • Managing an SPM Project.
    • Planning Phase.
    • Monitoring Phase.
    • Managing Scorecard.
    • Managing Surveys.
    • Responding to an RFI, RFP, or Auction.
    • Running Reports.
    • Integrating with Customers’ Back-Office Systems.
    • Introduction.
    • Using the Catalog.
    • Importing Catalogs.
    • Validation & Errors./li>
    • Catalog Hierarchy.
    • Catalog Views.
    • Contract Compliance.
    • Ariba Overview.
    • Ariba Sourcing.
    • Ariba Contract Management.
    • Ariba Spend Visibility.
    • Ariba Supplier Information and Performance Management.
    • Ariba Procurement.
    • Ariba Procurement Content.
    • Ariba Administration.
    • Ariba Analysis Reporting for Cloud Applications.
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