Return Policy

Bhesajinfo Refund Policy:

Bhesajinfo is not liable to refund the fees paid for any Training program. Once the registration is done i.e. once the fee is paid we cannot cancel the registration or refund the amount paid or change from one module to another.

Software Installation:

We will provide you link to download the software along with the manual instructions.

If you fail to download we will try to help you out if you request us a call back. We will send the Links to download the software in your machine and in some cases we give the remote server credentials to the trainee's for practice.

Note: These can be trial versions for practice not the original versions. All the above requests or links will be available once the student has paid the full training fee as per the agreed cost.

Class Timings:

Please send us the timings once you enroll with us and give us sufficient time to arrange the session. In any case if on the desired time the trainer is unavailable on the desired time you are looking for we request you to co operate with the available timings of the instructor. If the session is cancelled due to some unseen circumstances like Connection or Internet failure or any personal reason we request our students to be patient with as the topics will be discussed in the next session and will be covered up. We all understand online training works with perfect Internet connection with both student and trainer's end so Internet being a 3rd party there are chances of breakdown which is rare but there can be unseen circumstances again so we expect full co operation from students side.

We also request the students to be on time i.e. 5 minutes before the session as once the session starts the trainer cannot repeat as other students might object repetition. However we will make sure we send you recorded version or repeat the session at a different time interval not in the middle of the batch.

Retraining Option:

Bhesajinfo give you retraining till 6 months from the date of registration. An oral request will not be considered you need to send us a written request along with your registration proof. We will not change the trainer if you opt for retraining the same trainer who has taken the class will be taking the session.(except in some cases like change of job of trainer) Also you need to wait till the next batch starts for retraining option. While Joining the Session once again we request you to join the GOTO Meeting as R-(Your name) and Email ID so as to Identify that you are repeating the sessions.(R- stands for Repeat)

The course duration may vary from one module to the other.If in any case we go beyond the stipulated time for any course we expect you to understand that the trainer has to answer to your question as well as manage the scheduling of batches so the training duration can vary depending upon the speed of the trainee and the understanding level of the trainee.In my past experience I have seen cases where an Individual or trainee completing the course in 3 weeks while the other taking 6 or 7 weeks for the same sessions.So we can never determine the pace of the trainee and give an exact time frame.

Meeting Links:

We expect you to join the meeting link given and be familiar with it before the session. We use GOTO meeting or Skype as a medium to train our Students.

If you need any further help mail us