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Bhesajinfo provides Best Digital Marketing Course Online Training in USA by Certified real time digital experts.  We are  providing the complete Digital Marketing online Training with National & International Live Projects and with 100% Job placement assistance. Learn Advanced Digital Marketing Course with live modules implementation become a Master in Digital Marketing with in 55 Days.


What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is the process of promoting and Marketing a Business or Selling Products or Services through Various types of online platforms such as Search Engines, websites, online advertises, Google Ads, Social Media Platforms and Mobile Apps.


Why to Choose Digital Marketing Career?

In this Current Business World Digital Marketing brought tremendous change in Online Promotion, even in social media there was humongous usage was increased every day some billions of new peoples starting using social media same time large member of people already existed by using social media in there day to day life so that it gives a large scope to the online promoters to explore their business worldwide & connect with large member of suitable customers.
Nowadays Every company from small scale to large scale looking forward to promote their business through online to explore their unique business goals worldwide.
One of the Most important advantage of Digital Marketing is cost efficient, there is no limitation for the business promotion one can promote their business throughout the world with specific location targeting as well we can create and modify online ads N-number of times at any time including time period.
There are huge number of vacancies in all type of industries which includes top MN C’s Like Google, Accenture, Cognizant, Amazon, etc. are having constant requirements for Digital Marketing professionals.
Apart From the MN C’s there are many opportunities in all types of companies which includes software industries, Advertising Agencies, Media industries, Real Estate and Retail Marketing .

Top MNC Companies Hiring for Digital Marketing Professionals

Digital Marketing Course Curriculum 

Introduction to the Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing?

Why Digital Marketing?

Advantages of Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing Career Growth

Digital Marketing Modules

1.Google Ad’s (Google Ad Words) or (CPC Ads)

Introduction to the Google Ad’s

Google Ad’s Account Creation

Google Ads Campaign Types 

Search Network (Text Ads)

Display Network (Display Ads)

Google Merchant Center (GMC)

Shopping Campaigns (Shopping Ads)

Video Campaigns ( Video Ads)

App Promotion ( App Installation Ads)

Smart Ads ( Combination of Search & Display Ads)

Bidding Strategies

Conversion Setup

2.SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Introduction to the SEO

Understanding the SEO

Importance of SEO

Advantages of SEO

Type of SEO

Business Analysis

How to analyze a business

How to analyze the competition

How analyze the target audience

Demographic analysis

Gender analysis

Keyword research

On Page Optimization

Google algorithm updates

Title optimization

URL optimization

Description optimization

Meta tags optimization

Meta Robots

Canonical linking

Alt tags Optimization

Content Optimization

Plagiarism Checker

CMS (Content Management System)

CDN (Content Delivery Network)

Images optimization

Videos Optimization

Content compression

Script minimization

Web page optimization

Understanding the SERP

Types of Search Results

What is a Rich Snippet?

How to Implement Rich snippets

How to get better Google ranking

How to get Higher Page Authority & Higher Page Rank

Search Engine Submission

Sitemap Submission

Google Web Tools

Google Search console

Google Analytics

Google Tag Manager

Google Page Speed Insights

Think with Google

Off page Optimization

Google My Business

What is Google My Business?

How to list a business in search engines?

What is the importance of local business?

What are the advantages of local business listing?

Detailed Explanation of Business Listings

Local Business Listing

Classified Ad Posting

Directory Submission

Profile Page Creation

Social Book Marketing

Blog posting and Blog commenting

Article submission web 2.0

Event Listing


Image Sharing

Video Sharing

PPT Sharing

SEO Tools

Keyword Planner

Google Trends

Keywords everywhere

Word tracker


Similar web

Alexa Tools by Amazon

Small SEO tools

Ahrefs Tools

Buffe for Social Media Management

Screaming Frog SEO Spider


SEO mofo


SMO (Social Media Optimization)

Introduction to the social media optimization

Importance of Social Media optimization

Facebook Optimization

Introduction to the Facebook Optimization

How to Create the Business or Brand Page in Facebook

How to optimize and customize Facebook Business Page

Important implementations of creating Facebook Business Profile

What is the major information to provide while creating the Facebook page cover?

How to integrate other social profiles with Facebook business page

What is a Facebook Post?

Types of Facebook Posts

How to create a Facebook post

What are the Facebook developer tools?

What is the importance and advantages of a # Tag

How to write Facebook post contents

How to Create Facebook Custom Tabs

What is 80/20 Rule in Facebook?

Fb tools: Publishing tools , FB Grid Tool

Instagram Profile Optimization

How to create impressive insta postings

How to give attractive post contents

How increase instagram followers

How to give proper # tags for post contents

Twitter Profile Optimization

How to create commercial twitter account

How to optimize business profile in twitter

How post business contents in twitter

How to increase twitter followers

How to develop brand value in twitter

Linked In Profile Optimization

What isthe importance is of linked in business profile

How to create linked in business account

How to increase liked in profile connections

What is the importance of linked in company page

How to create linked in company page

How to optimize Linked in company page

How to Post in Linked In Company page

How to increase business network in Liked In

Pinterest Profile Optimization

How to create pinterest business account

How to optimize Pinterest Business profile

How to Create Pinterest Boards

How to create Pinterest info graphics

How to post and share business posts in pinterest

How to increase followers in pinterest

How to turn more traffic to website from pinterest

YouTube channel Optimization

What is the importance of YouTube channel?

What are the advantages of YouTube Channel?

How to create YouTube channel for brand or company

How to verify the YouTube channel

How to create YouTube channel art

How to optimize YouTube channel

What are the terms & conditions of uploading videos in YouTube Channel?

How to write impressive titles and descriptions to the YouTube videos

How to create attractive thumbnails for the YouTube videos

How to integrate website to the YouTube channel

How to integrate social profiles to the YouTube channel

How to add brand logo to the YouTube channel and videos

How to Link Google ads account and Google analytics account to the YouTube channel.

SMM(Social Media Marketing)

Introduction to the SMM (Social Media Marketing)

Advantages of SMM

How to Develop& Increase Business & Brand Value in SMM

Facebook & Instagram Ads

Introduction to the Facebook  advertising

Advantages of Facebook ads

Types of Facebook Ads

Promoting Facebook Business Page

Promoting Local Business

Boost posting for Facebook and Instagram posts

Integrating Facebook ads with insta ads

Promoting registrations and getting calls from business page

Brand Promotion

Promoting website visits

Lead Generation campaigns

How to Design Impressive Ad Images

Ad Image content Rules

How to create Carousal and video Ads

Ad Budgeting & Bidding

Scheduling Ad posts

Detailed Targeting

Location Targeting

Frequency Capping

Selected Audience

Email- Marketing

Introduction to the Email Marketing

Advantages of Email Marketing

How to Create Email Campaigns

How to Use Email Marketing Tools

Email Marketing Bulk Operations

Mobile Marketing

Introduction to the mobile Marketing

Types of Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing Ads

Mobile Marketing Bulk Operations

WhatsApp for Business

WhatsApp Marketing

SMS Marketing

Bulk SMS Operations

ORM( Online Reputation Management)

Introduction to the ORM

How to Manage ORM for Business

How to Develop ORM

How to get stand out of competition with ORM

ROI( Return On Investment)

Introduction to the ROI

Importance of ROI

How to Manage ROI for Business

How to Enhance ROI for Business


AdSense Introduction

Advantages of Having AdSense Account

How to Crete AdSense Account

How to Activate AdSense Account

How to integrate AdSense with Website and YouTube Channel

Ads Monetization

Affiliate Marketing

Introduction to the Affiliate Marketing

Terms & Policies of Affiliate Marketing

How to Create Affiliate Marketing Accounts

Affiliate Marketing Associates